TC1-1 Thermal Paste (2g) TWO PACK, 4g TOTAL


Quantity discounts combined with free shipping in the U.S. make this two-pack of TC1-1 our best deal yet!

Approx. 6W/mK, this thermal paste is our economy tier, providing the lowest price while maintaining enough thermal conductivity to meet the needs of low-demand applications, such as office computing. Depending on application method, 2g should last for approximately eight applications.

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With an effective thermal conductivity of 6W/mK, TC1-1 is a great choice for office and personal computing. Meant to keep temperatures low without breaking the bank, TC1-1 shines in lower-demand environments such as light gaming, office computing, or web browsing.

  • We recommend a max processor TDP of 65w if using the stock cooler, and 95w if using an aftermarket cooler.
  • If you’re overclocking, we recommended our TC2-1 paste.
  • This paste is silicone-based and is non-conductive.
  • Following our manufacturer’s recommendation, we suggest reapplying the paste every two years (though some environments may require more or less frequent reapplications).
  • In our testing, this paste runs about three (3) degrees hotter than Arctic MX-4.


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